As a project for SCAD's competitive Collaborative Learning Center program, students partnered with a team from Hewlett-Packard to create a multi-faceted marketing campaign focused around the use of an augmented reality app. Using Savannah’s Oatland Island Wildlife Center as a case study, we created an interactive experience that leveraged augmented reality to further educate visitors about the animal exhibits throughout the park.

Because our campaign was so successful, we were granted funding to enhance the Oatland Island project and adapt the campaign to work with the next generation of HP technology. Our work led to an ongoing initiative at SCAD to work with and further test the capabilities of this technology. 

American Graphic Design Award 2014
SCAD Secession, Silver, May 2014
Digital Interactive SCADDY Award, Silver, May 2014
Savannah ADDY, Gold, 2014
District 7 ADDY, Silver, 2014